Turkey Delights Schmilights

My titles just keep oozing more and more cliches creativity, don't they. Back to my vow of silence and portrayal of *cough* mesmerizing  imagery..

The Blue Mosque, Istanbul, Turkey (2008)

Upper Gallery Pillars, Hagia Sofia, Istanbul (2008)

Egyptian Obelisk at The Hippodrome, Istanbul (2008)

Obelisk base, Hippodrome, Istanbul (2008)

Grand Bazaar, Istanbul (2008)


Less talk, more actioaaaannaayyy

In an attempt to curb the sarcastic tone that I've become so well-versed in boredom that has taken over me in the past month on the island, I've decided to follow the title by sharing some images I've taken on trips over the years. So in the next few days, my blog will be taken over by images of a different city to rub in my fantasy jetsetting ways/show off what a natural photographer I am entertain you (guffaw). 

Yes, that's all the text I'm writing - you can breathe a sigh of relief now. Cuz I'm shutting up. For real this time. No. Really. Ok. Now it's real. 

Birmingham Canals, Birmingham, UK (2009)

Dog on Boat, Birmingham Canals (2009)

Shearwater, Birmingham Canals (2009)

Canning Docks, Liverpool, UK (2008)

For BIG mistakes like the previous blog entry I put up, Liverpool, UK (2008)