Mykonos huts

Nothing more to say except to scroll down and tune in with a little bit of what else, Fleet Foxes' Mykonos.

My daily morning view. Writer's block does not exist here.

Nammos - here I come. Again and again and again.

By far my favourite pic of the trip - Is it a shell? Is it a cocoon? Nope.
Little hutsies on the hillside, little hutsies made of ticky-tacky (literally).

Forgive the photo quality of the iPhone. Sorry Apple - there is no perfection. Low and behold though, the wonders and pleasures of food over indulgence (fyi, there's no such thing). Lobster risotto on a daily basis. With balsamic vinegar.

My overly tanned oily feet, which unfortunately do not necessarily reflect the status of the rest of my body. (Referring to the tanned bit, not oily. For further info on why my feet get super tanned and not the rest of my body, please ask fellow friends. Because I don't know).

And of course, I couldn't leave without a visit to an art gallery or two. Local Greek artists showcasing their contemporary art skills.
That chair on the bottom has wheelchair facilities, and a table. Can you say, unnecessary?

A Jackson Pollock/Miro look-alike on the left. A Greek like golden armour with wings on top. A Renaissance-like painting of what else, a fat lady.

Sunrise in Mykonos.

(Finger fart)

Kittieee!! At the airport of course.

Goodbye and good riddance, for now.

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