Abu Dhabi Arts - Part Une

Ok. So here's my long looooooooong - a due post on the Abu Dhabi Arts Fair back in - gulp - November 2010. Yes. Almost one year ago (stick in 'cover the face' emoticon here please).

Pakistani Simeen Farhat's 3D calligraphy "Twisted Melody" based on the poetry of Rumi at the Xerxes Arts Gallery booth. Heard it through the grapevine that La Fontaine (Bahrain) will be hosting an exhibition for the artist in November 2011. Well worth the wait..

In the far back are some of my favourite mixed-media prints of Arab scholars and personalities from the 70s and this generation - "Icons of the 4 Corners", including Queen Alia, Shaikha Moza AlMisned, Um Kulthom, Edward Said (personal favourite), Naguib Mahfouz, Fariouz, Omar Sharif, all by Iranian artist Afsoon.

A one-on-one personal dig-in to the strange, surprisingly quite pleasant and down to earth, pop genius brain of Jeff Koons.

Just another typical day at your arts fair VIP lounge. A VW DJ booth spinnin the latest mixing it up for the VIPS gettin everybody down & dirrrty (oh oh oh I did not just say that). (Insert more pretentious and "hip-sounding" remarks here)

Khatt Foundation, Khalid Mezaina, Formafantasma, Unfold and Estudio Campana in discussion, moderated by Dezeen Editor Marcus Fairs.

With a lovely conclusion to the exhibition, had the privilege of listening to the panel discussion 'With Passion They Collect', including HE Abdul Rahman Al Owais, Minister of Culture, Sultan Sooud Al Qassemi, journalist and Meem Gallery art owner, Dr. Farhad Farjam, talk about their passion for collecting art, moderated by Farbod Dowlatshahi.

Some call it a collectors' dream, others call it self-promotion, and yet others call it hoarding. I say, support the region, build a cause and they will come.

...And alternatively, if you gots the money, bring in the honeys (in this case, um, art, Middle Eastern art).

One day Lumz. One day..

(P.S. Thanks munzii for taking some of the pics and making the trip worth the while..)

P.P.S To justify my superficiality in this current post, my next post will discuss the power, significance and science behind colour and visual stimulation.. *snap*

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