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It’s not so often that I like to post links to other websites since I’ve written over 10,000 blog entries and counting (not only does it take forever to load, which I am so kindly aware of and worried for the sake of wasting my beloved -1 readers’ time, but is also quite distracting from my absolutely mesmerising blog), but my dear friend so kindly brought to my attention the following life-altering link: 

Now don’t get me wrong, when I dress, I dress to impress, but I dress to impress The Sartorialist myself first, and maybe my Westbourne Grove hood second, and third, my friend’s imaginary hot real estate agent who could come by any minute (I will only believe he exists when I see him). Then, if all else fails, hopefully get a comment or two from our local construction workers across the street, which hasn't even happened yet (cue cries of shame - this would never happen in Lebanon). No worries there though, as after finally getting some proper contact lenses last week (thank you Hish Hish & Dana – I can now see that the tube to Mile End is 1 min way!), its been verified that they're in fact female and do not actually care that much for me mixing block colours ala Dries Van Noten with rolled up nude trousers and animal-print scarves.

Though I do think the striped blondie on top may have potential style hunter urges in her. Dare I say Clueless makeover anyone?

Alas, back to my point. Which I have digressed from so successfully. Rolled-up nude high-waisted trousers? Check. Block colour sexy yet aloof AA T-shirt? Check. Animal print scarf casually tossed on the neck? Double check. Chunky black and brown Marni wedges? Extra points. Ridiculous statement necklace for short measure accompanied by expensive bag? Took it way tooooo seriously/far Perfect!

Now all I have to do is linger around Broadwick st (Soho + cobblestone road = double score!) sometime around LFW mid/end of Sept waiting for the Sart..

But wait. Won’t animal print be soo over then?? OUTFIT CHANGE!

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