Westbourne Groooving

As I walk down the streets of Westbourne Grove, contemplating the loss of my “intellectualism”: in maths (self-confessed high school geek/math league member), chemistry (I dabbled with a little NO2 and CO back in the day. That’s Nitrogen Dioxide and Carbon Monoxide for my anti-chem fashion readers) and history (test me on my Russian Revolution knowledge. Go ahead. What good that would do me now – unless! Unless I make it to Cuba before the other Castro brother's overthrown.. hmm, I smell an adventure.. excellente) and my failure struggle loss of a focused career efforts to create a stepping stone / establish a successful career / put a footprint in the superficial-cut-throat-financially-unforgiving-to-your-pockets-yet-still-loving-every-moment-of-it fashion marketing business, I stop dead in my tracks.

Because right in front of me, at one of my favourite Notting Hill boutiques, Feathers, is Luma's total and utter enrapture with that beauty in the window display: purple + floral.

 Jean Paul Gaultier S/S 09

How can love and beauty be so simply expressed through a colour block? and with oh so natural a print? (And to think Jean Paul Gaultier would still be producing things I'd be contemplating, let alone slitting my wrists over??) 

“What's in a colour? That which we call a rose
/ By any other colour would smell as sweet."


Oh snap. Pulled a Shakespeare pun. Yup I did the ultimate writer cliché and I’m not ashamed to say it!

I will let my fellow -1 readers (apparently I upset my new reader with my major fashion faux pas so it’s back from 0 to -1. Sigh, you can’t please everyone) feast their eyes on the eye candy that is low and behold, a moment of pure pleasurable colour coordination calmness. Because this eye banquet, my friends, brings more enlightenment, clear headedness and inner peace to me than ten sessions of Bikram Yoga ever would.

(PS. not very proud of my images today. Tomorrow is another day though..)

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